Sidebody Stretch

Need to put a little pep in your step? This 45 minute vinyasa flow is perfect to get you over that sleepy afternoon hump. Expect lots of juicy side bends and new challenges to your favourite asanas, like triangle pose!

This is great for all levels and you don’t need any props. Just get on your mat and let’s begin 🙂

Click Here to go to the class and pep up that step!

Juicy Shoulder Goodness

This class is designed to mobilize and strengthen your shoulders in unique and fun ways! Remember that a lot of stiffness in the neck actually starts with weak or under-mobilized shoulders, so if you’re feeling a bit creaky in the upper body this is a great class to help get the juices flowing!

Expect a fun and unusual sequence that will give your shoulders what they’ve been missing!

Props you’ll want: 2 blocks or thick books

Click here to join the class and get the entire shoulder complex feeling gucci!

Dynamic Express Vinyasa

This class is a great pick me up if you’re feeling a bit groggy or unmotivated to move.

Expect a quick flow that will challenge your balance, throw some twists on your favorite yoga poses, and provide greater strength and mobility.

As far as props are concerned: grab one block or a chunky book.

Click here to get moving!

Gentle(ish) Vinyasa

Need a more gentle vinyasa today? Want to open up those hips, the side body and the shoulders? Well look no further! This one is for you! 🙂

Grab a pillow and a block!

Click Here to go to the class and pep up that step!

Happy hips & Wrists!

Do you wrists need a break from weight-bearing all those chaturangas? Hips feeling a bit tight? Then this is the class for you!

Prepare to challenge yourself with some dynamic movements and give your wrists some mobility-love!

Click Here to go to the class and pep up that step!


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