morning flow

25 Min Wake Up and Flow

Prioritize yourself by balancing your mind and body. This flow is guaranteed to get your juices flowing and release any tension that may have gathered over the course of the night.

Click Here to go to the class and wake up the mind and body!

30 Min Morning Flow

This quick but comprehensive class is guaranteed to start off your day on the right foot (and the left foot!). Prepare for a fun class to help release that early morning stiffness and clear out the brain foggies.

Props: one yoga block or thick book (potentially a pillow or blanket to cushion under the knees for lunges)

Click here to get move’n and groov’n

60 Min: Wake up & Go!

This 60 min class is a great pick me up if you’re feeling a bit groggy or unmotivated to move.

Expect an accessible flow filled with hip openers, side bends, juicy twists, shoulder openers, neck releases – basically all the good stuff.

As far as props are concerned: grab one block or a chunky book and a pillow

Click here to get moving!


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